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EZ Rides ET4 LX
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The ET4 LX is a cutting-edge scooter featuring an electro-magnetic brake and swivel seat, perfect for navigating tight spaces. It also comes equipped with both front and rear suspension, ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride. With a motor-assisted magnetic braking system and a seatbelt for added safety, this scooter is the ultimate choice for anyone looking to improve their mobility.

  • 48V 500W motor
  • Rear wheel drive with differential
  • 20Ah Sealed AGM Batteries | 4 x 12V | ≤300 cycles
  • Total weight 80 kg including batteries
  • Dimensions 1450mm x 650mm x 1100mm
  • Horn, Turn Signals + Front/Rear LED Lights
  • Remote Start + Alarm
  • Range ≤50 km
  • Maximum speed 18 km/h 
  • 48V charger | Charging time 6-8 hours
  • Load capacity 150 kg


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