GVA M3 Kids Go Kart

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EZ Rides GVA M3 Kids Go Kart
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Introducing the Kids Go Kart - the ultimate thrill ride for young speedsters aged 6 to 12! This go-kart is not just a gift; it's a ticket to hours of endless fun and excitement.

Unmatched Drifting Experience: Designed with a drift function and smooth solid wheels, this go-kart takes the drifting experience to a whole new level. Watch as your young racer effortlessly glides around corners, mastering the art of controlled drifts.

Entertainment on the Move: Featuring a one-touch start and Bluetooth music connectivity, the Kids Go Kart adds a touch of tech-savvy fun to every adventure. Let your child cruise to their favorite tunes in style.

Safety Meets Comfort: With a contoured seat, padding, and a secure seat belt, safety and comfort are at the forefront. The fully covered bottom ensures a secure and enjoyable ride for your little racer.

Dazzling Lights and Colors: The LED rear brake lamp not only ensures safety but also adds a dash of excitement with flashing red, green, and blue lights. Watch as your child becomes the highlight of the neighborhood with this vibrant go-kart.

Recommended Ages and Weight Capacity: Perfect for kids aged 6 to 12, the Kids Go Kart has a weight capacity of 60kg (130 lbs), making it suitable for a wide range of young riders.

Power and Performance: Powered by a 24V 10AH battery and a 120W motor, this go-kart reaches a top speed of 12 km/h, providing a thrilling experience for your young racer. With a maximum range of 2 hours, the go-kart ensures extended playtime.

Charge and Go: Recharge easily with a charging time of 8-10 hours, ensuring that the next adventure is never far away. The electromagnetic brakes provide reliable stopping power for added safety.

Dimensions and Specifications: With dimensions of 137 x 77 x 55 cm, a seat width of 40 cm, and a ground clearance of 5 cm, the Kids Go Kart is built for a perfect balance of size and stability. Weighing in at 32kg, it's both sturdy and manageable.

Give the gift of speed, fun, and adventure with the Kids Go Kart - where every ride is a journey into the fast lane of imagination!


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